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California grown, gourmet heirloom avocados, lemons,

grapes & guavas!
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We're off to a great avocado season!  Our Santana avocados are about a pound each!  They're a gourmet, heirloom variety grown only in California in a tiny orchard with the perfect combination of soil, sun and ocean breezes.  They are two to three times the size of the Haas typically found in grocery stores and supermarkets, and they're incredibly delicious. 

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Depending on weather and picking conditions your order will be picked and shipped as soon as possible.  Because our produce is perishable, we cannot ship to a Post Office box and your order should be refrigerated the day it arrives.

Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice until you complete your purchase.  Our avocados are sold by count, NOT weight; all weights are ESTIMATES at the time of harvest; the weight of the avocados will diminish as they ripen during shipment, while you store them and during your final ripening of them.

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